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A company is a living organism and its treatment, like the treatment of a person, cannot be trusted to people who do not have the appropriate training and real work practice.
So, consulting services are a detailed analysis of the situation in the affairs of an enterprise or firm, the development of effective recommendations for correcting further actions to improve the financial and managerial efficiency of the company. Consulting services allow you to look at the situation at the enterprise from the side and evaluate it more balanced and objectively, which ultimately makes it possible to develop effective measures, opens up new opportunities.
Accounting Support
Accounting is the most important direction in our company. Over a period of many years of work, we have gained valuable experience, cooperating with large companies both in...
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Company registration in the Republic of Uzbekistan
The creation of a company with LegalAct involves the rapid registration of various organizational and legal forms (LLC, IP, SP, PE, etc.). The average registration process is about 5 working days. If necessary, the full package of documents can be collected and....
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Change of company name
Each legal and organizational entity in Uzbekistan carries out its activities under its legal name, under which the legal entity realizes its property and personal non-property rights, and also bears full responsibility and...
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Changes in the size of the statutory fund of the enterprise (decrease / increase)
The statutory fund of the Limited Liability Company is a division into the shares of participants, according to the constituent documents. The members of the LLC are liable for...
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Accreditation of representative offices
The opening of a representative office in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan is realized through their accreditation in the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations...
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Obtaining permission to attract foreign labor in the Republic of Uzbekistan
According to the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, an authorization procedure is established for attracting foreign labor and...
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Reorganization in the form of transformation
The transformation (reorganization) of a legal entity includes changes in the legal form of the legal entity....
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Reorganization in the form of a merger
Reorganization of legal entities is considered one of the most complicated procedures associated with re-registration....
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Change of legal address
The presence of a legal address is an important attribute of the law for all legal entities....
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Reorganization in the form of a separation
Reorganization in the form of the separation of a legal entity we mean the formation of one or...
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Liquidation of an enterprise
Liquidation of an enterprise is a complex of measures for stopping the activities of an organization and...
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Changes in the composition of the company participants
Changes in the composition of the founders occur if the participants join or leave it. For example...
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Support in obtaining licenses and permits in Uzbekistan
A license is a special permit document required to carry out a certain type of activity; accordingly, licensing is a process of registration...
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Recovery of accounting in Uzbekistan
Accounting is important for any organization and should take place without interruptions, errors and...
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Reorganization of a legal entity in the form of affiliation
Affiliation of a legal entity is the process of termination of the activities of one or...
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