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Change of company name

Each legal and organizational entity in Uzbekistan carries out its activities under its legal name, under which the legal entity realizes its property and personal non-property rights, and also bears full responsibility and necessarily undertakes to be a plaintiff, a defendant in court. For various reasons, in order to change the marketing policy, change the type of the main activity of the organization or the personal desire of the owner of the company, it is possible to transform the firm name of the enterprise.

What is included in the service "Change of company name":

  1. Consultation on all legal issues related to the change of the name of the legal entity;
  2. Preparation of the required constituent documents;
  3. Preparation of applications for state registration and amendments to constituent documents of a legal entity
  4. Providing and supporting notarized documents.
  5. Payment of state fee;
  6. Submission and receipt of documents in the registering authority;
  7. Production of a new stamps of company.

Required documents: