Changes in the composition of the company participants

Changes in the composition of the founders occur if the participants join or leave it. For example, in an LLC, this is possible, if you donate your share or sale. Due to the fact that the Legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan on registration of changes is regularly changing and supplemented, from the legal point of view, registration of this kind is rather difficult. Without the necessary knowledge and experience, it is possible to admit rather serious errors that will entail time and fines.

LegalAct company has a long-term experience in registering changes in the composition of founders, in addition to correctly formalizing the documents for the exit of participants, it is also necessary to decide its future in the authorized capital on a pro rata basis among all the remaining participants.


For the preparation of documents we need:
  1. A copy of the constituent documents with all changes for the duration of all activities;
  2. Passport details of the participants, the director of the firm;
  3. Copy of the certificate of state registration.

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