Reorganization in the form of a separation

Reorganization in the form of the separation of a legal entity we mean the formation of one or more legal entities with the transfer of each part of rights and obligations. At the same time, part of the rights and obligations of the reorganized organization remains with it. Proceeding from the foregoing, only one Company participates in the reorganization of LLC in the form of allotment, however the number of formed companies is unlimited by legislation. Despite this, the former Society remains active. The succession of the formed societies is carried out on the basis of the divided balance sheet, and only part of the rights and duties pass to the new society.

  • It is also necessary to know that when one or several legal entities are separated from the legal entity, a part of the rights and duties passes to each of the formed legal entities.


What is included in the service "Reorganization in the form of allocation":
  1. Consultation and preparation of all necessary documents;
  2. Necessary notice of creditors;
  3. Registration of new changes in the tax inspection;
  4. Receipt of notarized documents of the founder and a certificate of state registration, taking into account all changes;
  5. Liquidation of the seal of the reorganized legal entity and receipt of new ones.

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