Recovery of accounting in Uzbekistan

Accounting is important for any organization and should take place without interruptions, errors and violations of the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Otherwise, the company will face fines and sanctions from the tax authorities, litigation, administrative or even criminal liability, blocking of the organization's current account, which will lead to great inconvenience and problems.

The recovery of accounting  can give the maximum effect only if it is carried out by highly qualified professionals with the appropriate specialization who work in our company, have extensive experience, know all the subtleties and nuances of the recovery of accounting.

The recovery of accounting  is necessary in case of incorrect or incomplete reflection of all or part of the data, or in case of loss of data on the financial and operational activities of the enterprise.

Also, the recovery of accounting  is necessary to obtain detailed information about the real economic situation of the organization.

Situations where the recovery of accounting is necessary:
  1. Changing of founders - the new management must be provided with information about the nuances associated with accounting and settlements with the tax authorities;
  2. Reorganization of a legal entity - the recovery of accounting is carried out before changing legal organizational form or liquidation of the organization;
  3. Flooding, fire - phenomena during all important documentation was destroyed;
  4. Dismissal of an accountant - during a long-term cooperation with a specialist, errors and violations may be ccumulated that need to be corrected;
  5. Absence of all or part of the data, including a database 1C;
  6. Late submission of reports;
  7. Tax audit - missing accounting documents should be restored and all shortcomings should be eliminated.

Types of accounting recovery:


Complete recovery is the optimal solution, since the complex work with all the previously carried out financial and economic operations of the company is performed. This includes the filling of documents for the reporting periods, preparition of accounting, tax reporting (personal income tax, VAT, etc.), for sending out to the inspection authorities.

Partial recovery – in this case, the accountant works only with a certain part of the documents requiring correction and correct execution, which includes: recovery of accounting for cash transactions, settlements with the bank, insurance and pension deductions from wages, movement of material and production assets, etc.

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