Reorganization in the form of a merger

Reorganization of legal entities is considered one of the most complicated procedures associated with re-registration. Since each type of reorganization entails the succession and transfer of responsibilities from one legal entity to another, of course, attention must be paid to proper accounting / legal support to fully reflect the transfer of rights and obligations. When reorganizing a legal entity in the form of a merger with another legal entity, the first of them is considered reorganized from the moment it is entered in the single state register.

Merger of companies is, as a rule, the union of two or three legal entities, as a result of which a new economic unit is formed. Upon accession, all assets and liabilities of legal entities are transferred to one business entity. The remaining legal entities are liquidated.

And do you know that by making a merger, you have the opportunity:
  1. Take control of the already established organizational system, that is, go "along the beaten track";
  2. Combine the production capacity of two or more companies in order to obtain synergies by increasing the scale of activities;
  3. Instantly increase money turnover.
  4. To make a merge correctly, it's not enough just to do it. It is important to know a lot of legal and tax nuances. It is also necessary to draw up agreements with the founders of the firms participating in the merger, and in addition, to do it in an organized and competent manner.


    What is included in the service "Reorganization in the form of a merger":

    1. Consultation and preparation of all necessary documents;
    2. Necessary notice of creditors;
    3. Registration of new changes in the tax inspection;
    4. Receipt of notarized documents of the founder and a certificate of state registration, taking into account all changes;
    5. Liquidation of the seal of the reorganized legal entity and receipt of new ones.

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