Liquidation of an enterprise

Liquidation of an enterprise is a complex of measures for stopping the activities of an organization and passing all necessary checks in the tax inspection. This is a rather complex process that takes place in several stages and takes totally from 3 months to 9 months.


Ways of liquidation of the enterprise:
  1. By the decision of the owner of the firm.

    In this case, the owner himself appoints a liquidation commission, which is directly engaged in the liquidation of the firm's activities. When the organization is closed, Legalact employees conduct comprehensive inspections in all necessary funds and tax inspectorates.

  2. Express liquidation of an enterprise

    Express liquidation of the company - this is the most common option of the rapid termination of the organization. If you need to liquidate the enterprise as soon as possible, we are ready to save you from unnecessary worries that prevent the closure of the organization. In other words, we propose closing the company by buying out corporate rights in just a few days. In this case, further liquidation of the company will be our care and you will be able to do your own business without thinking about liquidation of the enterprise.

  3. Liquidation through bankruptcy

    This procedure for the liquidation of a company's activity can only begin with creditors of the debtor through the court. In the court session, representatives of creditors confirm the existence of debts to the creditor. This way the total amount of debts is formed by own assets or liquidation of a firm.

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