Reorganization of a legal entity in the form of affiliation

Affiliation of a legal entity is the process of termination of the activities of one or more companies with the transfer of all the rights and obligations of the reformed organization under the deed of transfer to another company.

You also need to know that only enterprises with the same organizational and legal form can take part in the merger only after a general meeting of participants in all organizations.

Reorganization of a legal entity in the form of affiliation is a laborious and lengthy process, during which numerous questions, nuances and problems may arise. Therefore, before starting these actions, it is necessary to carefully consider all future steps and seek help from highly qualified specialists who work in LegalAct and will accurately carry out the reorganization process as soon as possible.

In particular, the founders need to make a decision on their will, providing for the creation of a new organization and the closure of old ones. To do this, first of all, the interested parties will conclude an agreement on accession, attaching to it the deeds of transfer from the liquidated organizations.

The charter of the main organization is subject to re-registration with an increase in its statutory fund, which consists of the size of the statutory fund of the main organization and the statutory funds of the liquidated organizations. The end result of this type of reorganization is a new certificate.

What is included in the service of reorganization of a legal entity in the form of affiliation:
  1. Taking a decision, at the general meeting of founders, on the reorganization of a legal entity: approval of the form of reorganization; accession agreement; determination of the term of reorganization; discussion of joint actions for reorganization.
  2. Preparatory procedures for the transformation in the form of accession: inventory; notification of creditors about the reorganization; creation of a deed of transfer; payment of the state duties.
  3. Completion of reorganization in the form of affiliation and state registration in accordance with the established procedure.
  4. Liquidation of the seal of the reorganized legal entity.

Reasons to cooperate with us:

  1. Long-term experience in the reorganization of legal entities
  2. The efficiency of our work
  3. High quality of services provided
  4. Consulting on any issues related to the reorganization
  5. Assistance in optimizing the costs associated with the reorganization
  6. Competent legal assistance in the preparation of all the necessary documentation

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