Changes in the size of the statutory fund of the enterprise (decrease / increase)

The statutory fund of the Limited Liability Company is a division into the shares of participants, according to the constituent documents. The members of the LLC are liable for the liabilities and risks of losses within the limits of the value of their contributions. It is important to know that the minimum size of the authorized capital of a company can be determined in licensing requirements, and an increase in the authorized fund is possible only after its full payment. As a result, the Company does not have the right to reduce the statutory fund from the prescribed amount, while the statutory fund of PE is not limited and does not divide, and is determined by the owner.

What is included in the service "Changing the size of the statutory fund":
  1. Preparation of a complete set of documents for registration of changes;
  2. Notarization of constituent documents;
  3. Registration of changes in the "State services" center and receipt of registered changes;
  4. Notification of registration of changes in all necessary instances.
  • The contribution to the statutory fund can be money, property, securities.

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