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A company is a living organism and its treatment, like the treatment of a person, cannot be trusted to people who do not have the appropriate training and real work practice.
So, consulting services are a detailed analysis of the situation in the affairs of an enterprise or firm, the development of effective recommendations for correcting further actions to improve the financial and managerial efficiency of the company. Consulting services allow you to look at the situation at the enterprise from the side and evaluate it more balanced and objectively, which ultimately makes it possible to develop effective measures, opens up new opportunities.
Consulting on taxation in Uzbekistan
Taxation is a system for calculating taxes and forms of their payment levied in a legal manner.
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Reorganization of a legal entity in the form of division
A division of a legal entity is the process of dividing its assets and liabilities between two or more newly created enterprises....
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Establishment of branches on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan
A legal entity may establish and open its branches throughout the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan in accordance with the legislation....
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