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Legal support

Almost every firm needs legal support regardless of its organizational and legal form. Factors such as interaction with other companies, state and non-state structures, banks, etc., where there can be controversial situations - only confirm the fact of the need for legal support.

Also, the presence of a counterparty of receivables for your goods (work, services), or the supply of substandard goods to you, the exclusion of an unscrupulous participant from the founders, or an outstanding loan - all this may lead to an appeal to the economic court. Lawyers of our company are able to adequately defend your rights in court, or at all to warn you against controversial situations.

What is included in the service "Legal support":

  1. The lawyers of our company will conduct a detailed study of your documentation;
  2. Will consult in those moments where it is necessary to act legally correctly;
  3. If necessary, they will be ready to defend your rights in the court session.
  4. Resolution of tax disputes;
  5. Business correspondence with counterparties and authorities;
  6. Drawing up of statements of claim, complaints, reviews and so on.

You ask why we are?

Our company has a great experience behind the shoulders in the field of legal support. We have done a long way and won a lot of different cases, organized and established a legal component for each firm, as well as assistance in developing internal documentation, through which you can regulate the order and discipline in the organization.


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