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Express registration of the company on a turn-key basis

Do you have an idea and you want to open your business in Tashkent or any other city in Uzbekistan? Register a company is not difficult, but it's far from easy to conduct a business successfully and confidently. Some, based on their experience and skill, achieve the goal more or less. But as it would be good to trust the company's prosperity to professionals, see prospects and be confident in the further success of their business.

Why us?

LegalAct is an advanced company in the areas of company registration, accounting and legal support of business. We are trusted by many large organizations. With our help, not a small number of courts have been won in favor of LegalAct clients, and most of the unique strategies for business development both inside the country and abroad have been developed.

What we will do for you:

We are ready to fulfill all this for your future successful business.

What is included in the service "Express registration of the company on a turn-key basis":

  1. Detailed consultation in the field of taxation and business accounting;
  2. Search and reservation of the firm name of the enterprise;
  3. Finding the corporate style of the company (development of a logo, envelope and seals of any complexity with different degrees of protection);
  4. Working out of local documentation;
  5. The registration with the Tax Inspectorate and the choice of the taxation procedure;
  6. Preparation of primary documentation (orders, labor contracts with employees);
  7. Opening of a settlement account in the bank;
  8. Legal support of notarial certification;
  9. Obtaining an Electronic Digital Signature (EDS) in the Tax Inspectorate;
  10. Receiving the bank-client key and training for use;
  11. Providing the necessary software for sending statistical reports;
  12. Preparation of documents for obtaining INPS of the book for employees of the enterprise;
  13. Electronic registration of labor relations between employers and employees;
  14. Preparation of the Accounting Policy under the NAS 1;
  15. Preparation of an instruction on safety precautions;
  16. Drafting of regulations on the wages of employees;
  17. Preparation of a lease contract, an act of acceptance-transfer to non-residential premises, taking into account the requirements of the legislation.

To register company “turn-key”, you need:


Fill out an online application on our website


Call on the number 
+998(71) 252-24-23 or +998(90) 966-21-56


Provide the following documents:

- Copies of the passports of the founders and the Director;

- A copy of the charter with all changes (if any);
- A copy of the certificate of registration;
- Copy of the passport of the Director.

- A copy of the passport with a note of temporary residence and a visa of a foreign citizen

- An extract of a foreign founder from the commercial register at the place of registration of a legal entity or other document confirming the activities of this legal entity, legalized in accordance with the established procedure by the consular institution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the state of registration of the founder, at the consular office or diplomatic representation of the country in the Republic of Uzbekistan, with subsequent assurance in the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan (the extract must contain: the full name of the legal entity, location, these persons who has the right to sign on behalf of this legal entity). The statement is valid for 1 year from the date of its issue;
- Power of attorney for a representative (sample is provided);
- A copy of the certificate of registration;
- Copies of constituent documents.

Good to know

Registration of LLC may be carried out at the address of the founder. So you can save on buying or renting a legal / postal address.

The statutory fund may be formed by property, while the property contributed to the statutory fund should not be valued by an independent appraiser.

The statutory fund must be formed by cash or property within one year from the date of registration of the LLC. This period may be shortened by the decision of the founders.

When a small enterprise makes labor contracts with graduates of colleges, lyceums and higher educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the established average annual number of employed workers exceeds by no more than 20 percent.

Entrepreneurs may engage in the legally established procedure by any type of activity not prohibited by law and not specified in the constituent documents.