Accounting Support

Accounting is the most important direction in our company. Over a period of many years of work, we have gained valuable experience, cooperating with large companies both in the Republic of Uzbekistan and abroad. To date, LegalAct operates a whole platform of professional accountants and continues to expand not only staff, but also the growth of their skills.

We do not just work. It is important for us to provide the best solutions to give the company the opportunity to follow the path of least resistance and save time. If you become our client you will feel all the benefits of working with LegalAct, which are described below.

How accounting services are performed:

Within a short period you are required to collect all the documents of the suppliers / customers and send them to our courier. With a certain periodicity (we specify in advance), our courier delivers documents from you to our office.

Reasons to cooperate with us:

  1. No doubt this is a long experience in accounting support;
  2. Informative, quality and efficiency;
  3. Provision of tax protection and full responsibility.

What is included in the service "Accounting support":

  1. Maintenance of accounting records, personnel records management, timely submission of required forms of reporting to tax and other government agencies;
  2. Maintenance of bank documentation;
  3. Ensuring the safety of documents and non-disclosure of their content without your consent;
  4. Protection of the interests of the customer in relations with tax and other government bodies.

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