Working out of logos, business cards, letterheads and envelopes with a logo

One of the important aspects in the formation of the legal entity is the creation of a unique corporate identity. Visual similarity with the visual view of the principles of the organization, and its absence or poor quality design, eliminates the possibility to have a clear expression among competitors, as well as correctly present the "brand spirit" for the internal and external audience of the company. LegalAct offers a full range of services in this field. From us you get the development, creation and formation of the corporate identity of the company, which includes the development of: the design of the logo, envelope and business cards. The complex design of the corporate style includes: all the main elements, its carriers and rules for the design of promotional products.

What do we offer:
  • logo design;
  • envelope design;
  • business card design.

When developing a logo, we are primarily based on the main principles of the customer's company, thereby emphasizing the individuality of your credo.

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