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Business Plans Development

Without a doubt, the main attribute for attracting investments in one’s project is his business plan, then in Uzbekistan the trend of writing a business plan for his project came relatively recently. The business plan with LegalAct is primarily an effective way of attracting investments in your project, as it provides an opportunity to assess the profitability of the investment project being implemented, and allows the investor to understand the amount of necessary investments, sources of repayment and the next payback period for the future business project.

Business planning services:

  1. Our team of specialists will help you to complete your business plan, which will be aimed at obtaining investment from investors.
  2. At the next stage, we are ready to guarantee the protection of your business plan and fully advise you on the issues that have arisen.
  3. Full support in preparing the necessary documents and participation in the process and attracting the necessary funding.
  4. Development of a financial model of a business plan.
  5. Careful implementation of marketing policy and market research on the industry you are interested in.

What is included in the service "Business plan":

  1. A competently written business plan aimed primarily at the market of the industry you are interested in;
  2. Careful conduct of marketing research in the area of ​​interest;
  3. Necessary recommendations for further expansion of the project and attraction of necessary credit funds;
  4. Recommendations for improving and optimizing the investment project.

List of required documents: