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Business plan development

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This service consists of either a comprehensive or partial development of a business plan for a wide range of economic sectors, as well as representatives of large, small and medium-sized businesses. The development of this document requires high qualifications in such areas as Business, Marketing and Economics, Finance and Taxes, and the Legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan in general. Moreover, developers should take into account the importance of presenting their business plan to investor in order to attract financial support, or to a bank to secure a loan. We will provide answers to these and some other important and interesting for you questions.


Basics of business plan building:

Business idea


Concept and strategy

Financial model and growth rate

Economy, taxes and law

Marketing and sales

Performance and long-term

Depending on your needs, developing of business plan may include the following:


  1. Development of regulatory documents for business planning (memorandums, regulations, forms, etc.);
  2. Presentation of a business plan to the interested parties, representing your interests in order to obtain a positive decision on getting a loan or other resources, as well as support in the implementation of the project;
  3. Assistance in attracting of public and private investments;
  4. Consulting and information support of your business;
  5. Examination of the existing business plan and analysis of the existing business.

The cost of services of business plan development varies depending on the industry, specifics, complexity and scale of your business idea, which is given to our specialists who are responsible for its implementation into successful business plan.